Project Support

Enterprise Ireland offers a range of services to companies considering investing in Ireland. From facts and funding to site visits and property solutions, we’ve got the answers to your investment needs.

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Picture of chefs lining up their dishes to be presentedGrow Your Business

Centrally located for the US, UK, Europe and the Middle East

Ireland is one of the most open and globally connected countries in the world. Its geographic position and membership of the EU and the Euro makes it a great base from which to access the US, UK, Europe and the Middle East. When combined with the very positive reputation that Irish companies enjoy internationally, there is a compelling argument to base in Ireland.

Enterprise Ireland has a team of business and specialist advisers based in Ireland, who work with colleagues located in our international office network, to help companies based in Ireland grow their business.

Accessing Know How

We have one of the most open economies in the world, with the world’s top organizations, support services and experts calling Ireland home.

Ireland’s strong focus on and investment in education and skills has helped to boost Ireland’s education and skills base in order to maximise employment and employer opportunities.

Enterprise Ireland can facilitate introductions to peer companies and industry groups. Need information on any aspect of Ireland? We will help you access the right experts and resources, so you can make the right choices throughout your investment in Ireland. Investing involves risk. We are here to reduce that risk and ensure your investment goes smoothly.

An employee wearing a white lab coat and a hair covering in a manufacturing facilityProject Planning & Roll Out

Ireland is world renowned for its top class pool of talented workers. With over 250,000 students enrolled in third level education, Ireland’s strong focus on investment in education and skills has helped to boost this talent pool in order to maximise availability of workers for businesses, and opportunities for employees.

Ireland prides itself in its secure supply of high quality raw materials, food safety systems and its track record initiating RD & Product Innovation. Dairy ingredients are plentiful and product development potential exists with Irish JV partners.

Innovation & Financial Supports

Funding your project

Funding and grants are available to those considering foreign direct investment in Ireland. These are offered to both new and existing clients. All funding is negotiated on a case by case basis in compliance with EU and Irish legislation.


Companies can avail of financial incentives to carry R&D projects and collaborative projects with third-level institutes and industrial partners. There is also a 25% tax credit available for companies engaging in R&D and a 6.25% preferential tax rate arising from intellectual property with the new Knowledge Development Box.