Ireland’s Food Strategy

Ireland’s 10 year strategy sets out targets to significantly and sustainably increase the value of agri food exports and primary production in the Ireland’s most valuable indigenous sector.

Smart Food Ireland: Food Foreign Direct Investment

Food Wise

Through Food Wise, the Irish Government ensures the continued sustainability, and growth, of the sector as well as the regulation of the agriculture, fishery and food industries in line with national and international legislation.

Food Wise 2025 outlines a strategic plan for the development of the agri-food sector which paves the way for smarter, greener, sustainable growth. Food Wise sets out achievable growth projections for the next decade which include:

  1. An increase in the value of agri-food exports by 85% to €19 billion
  2. An increase in the value added in the agri-food, fisheries and wood products sector by 70% to in excess of €13 billion
  3. Increase the value of primary production by 65% to €10 billion.

In turn, achieving these targets is expected to deliver a further 23,000 jobs in the agri food sector by 2025.

The Irish countryside and our natural resources are vital to the integrity of our food production systems and it is vital that we ensure that our additional production doesn’t endanger the environment. We need to protect biodiversity, water quality, and to minimise emissions of Greenhouse gases.